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Our Idea:

Mobile Guest Services

The convenience you want, now at your fingertips.

Your Idea:

In Room DVR service

Hate missing your favorite shows while traveling? Tired of trying to find your show amidst differing channel lineups & time zones? Ever missed the ending to a show because you got a phone call & couldn't pause the hotel tv? All of these problems could be solved by a service that would DVR the shows you want and make them available to you in your hotel room. Optimally guests could specify shows online prior to arrival.

Eat & Drink

Our Idea:

Goji Kitchen & Bar

This is not a restaurant. It's a space that changes as often as you.

Your Idea:

Support the Community! Drink & Drink Local!

What is one of your favorite things to do when traveling? Sampling the local cuisine and delicious craft beers? Mine too! In Texas? Local BBQ and a Shiner! I believe Marriott guests would enjoy being able to eat the local foods without having to leave the comfort of the hotel. Put your local food in the restaurant and local beers on tap. It keeps people safe, financial perks for Marriott, and puts funds back into the local economy.

Work & Play

Our Idea:

The Future of Meetings

We’re transforming the meeting experience with flexible workspaces and innovative technology.

Your Idea:

Marriot Theater & Multi-purpose Room

Wouldn’t it be great to check-in then check out a great movie at the Marriott Theater, that would be conveniently located right in the hotel and feature a full-wall HD screen, dynamic surround sound, luxury seating and classic theater decor. In addition, it could also host viewing of big sporting events, corporate presentations and club meetings. Movie listings, reservations and event scheduling could be easily accessible online. Refreshments, including hot-fresh popcorn, could be served!

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